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FaceTlme APK (facetime.live.video.call.sockgam) is created by SokGame for Android devices. FaceTlme 1.0 is great App that always tops in the Communication category. SokGame has developed FaceTlme for the customer to improve and enjoy their experience in Communication. Unexpectedly, FaceTlme App is rated 4.0 out of 5 by editors in the Android app store. Download the facetime.live.video.call.sockgam bundle apks/xapk and base packages free of charge without downloading extra apps.

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FaceTlme App installed more than 2377 times by users. Download virus and malware safe, unmodified facetime.live.video.call.sockgam APKs only on WapSoft. Visit Communication category and find lot more free Apps like FaceTlme for your device. If you are having issues with installation or App doesn't exist in our store try to Find FaceTlme on Google Play Store.

FaceTime Calls & Messaging Advice many tips Hello guys and welcome to this tutorial for introducing facetiming people and how to make hd videos calls. We give you all tips you need and you can enter you number to start facetiming people from our app Find all about Facetime Video calling app here in facetime tips app. Free Facetime Video tips application will offer many tips for Facetime Video app download and tricks to use facetime video call . You surely want to make free facetime video chat app for android, don't you? So this app is what you looking for and it is the best guide to make Facetiming free video calling on your Android device. You will discover how to use the popular facetime video call app that let you make free calls. These are some main features for facetime: How to record a FaceTime call, How to make a FaceTime call, How to block FaceTime calls, How to switch from a regular call to FaceTime on your phone, How to use Sirii to place a FaceTime call, How to block contacts in the FaceTime app and also How to turn on FaceTime. Have fun with facetime for android idea. So we made FaceTime for Android tips easier to understand step by step guide by guides. Free Facetime Video Calling is a code of a video chatting app with a wide range of communication features included (such as messaging, file transfer, push notifications, audio/video calls). And this is not all the functions as we have collected some more useful but there are many other tips in facetime video call app. You can facetime people and make group video chat,but you need to verify your account before start facetiming people

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Package : facetime.live.video.call.sockgam
File Size : 10MB
Current Version : 1.0
Total Downloads : 2377
App Updated on : 41 months ago
Minimum Requirement : Android 4.3+

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