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Read Along APK ( is created by Google LLC for Android devices. Read Along 0.5 is great App that always tops in the Education category. Google LLC has developed Read Along for the customer to improve and enjoy their experience in Education. Unexpectedly, Read Along App is rated 4.5 out of 5 by editors in the Android app store. Download the bundle apks/xapk and base packages free of charge without downloading extra apps.

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Read Along App installed more than 983 times by users. Download virus and malware safe, unmodified APKs only on WapSoft. Visit Education category and find lot more free Apps like Read Along for your device. If you are having issues with installation or App doesn't exist in our store try to Download Read Along on Google Play Store.

Read Along is a free reading app for Android that helps children have fun while they learn to read. Read Along has an in-app reading buddy that listens to your young learner read aloud, offers assistance when they struggle and rewards them with stars when they do well – guiding them along as they progress. It works best for children who already have some basic knowledge of the alphabet. After the initial download, the app works securely offline. Inspire a love of reading in young learners • Fun game-like experience: Keep young minds engaged with hundreds of stories and word games available in nine languages, including English and Spanish. Build confidence reading out loud with instant rewards of stars and badges • Independent learning: Encourage all young learners to learn at their own pace and track their individual progress. Learners have unique profiles, and each advances on their own reading journey with recommended stories based on their reading level. If needed, they can tap on any word to hear it pronounced Foster learning with confidence • Zero cost with no ads or upsells: Keep them focused on what’s important – reading – and relax knowing there are no in-app purchases • No Wi-Fi or data required: Once downloaded, provide a rich learning experience while relieving worries about unsupervised access to the Internet • Private and secure: No name, age, specific location, contact, email address or phone number is required to use Read Along. Additionally, voice data is analyzed in real time on the device, but not stored or sent to Google servers Languages available: With Read Along, children can read a variety of fun and engaging stories in different languages including: • English • Spanish (Español) • Portuguese (Português) • Hindi (?????) • Bangla (?????) • Urdu (????) • Telugu (??????) • Marathi (?????) • Tamil (?????) With Read Along, children can practice, gain confidence, and grow a lifelong love for reading.

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File Size : 44.25MB
Current Version : 0.5
Total Downloads : 983
App Updated on : 41 months ago
Minimum Requirement : Android 4.3+

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