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REALITY is one of the best App in Social Apps. REALITY is a good App that REALITY, Inc. has created for the customer to improve their experience. REALITY APK is rated 4.0 out of 5 by users in our App Store. You can download the net.wrightflyer.le.realit base apk and config bundles for free.

Find more details on REALITY latest features, participate Beta program on REALITY, Inc. website. Download other alternative Apps like Instagram Dark Mode, TikTok Lite, Hawk Eye, ThopTV Top, ShareChat, Cherry Live, etc. However, this App showcase best Social features for users in this Category.

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REALITY App downloaded more than, 354 times. Download Virus and Malware safe, unmodified net.wrightflyer.le.realit APKs only on WapSoft. Visit Social category and find lot more free Apps like REALITY for your device. If you have any issues while Installing this App, Find REALITY on Google Play Store.


Wanna support your favorite REALITY star? With REALITY you can send gifts, you can send messages, you can chat during live streams, but why stop there? With REALITY you can join in on the action with collab streams! In addition to our regular community streams, you can access weekly, official in-app shows featuring the biggest vtubers around! Now is your chance to hit the ground running on a brand new, totally original virtual community! ======================= Watch streams and support your favs! All streams are free to watch, so try joining one of the many broadcasts going on right now! Listen to a virtual sing-along, hang out with friends, or find new people to chat with! When you watch a REALITY stream, you're not just sitting in the stands. You can send gifts that appear on screen, chat, and even join in on the fun with collab streams. Be the next REALITY star! Make your own REALITY avatar and start your own stream in seconds! And since viewers can only see your avatar, you can keep your identity totally secret! Make an avatar, then make it move! With a plethora of parts and colors to work with, you can make your REALITY avatar all your own. Give your stream a summer flair by putting on a bathing suit, or add some spooky spice by dressing up for Halloween! You can change your look to fit your mood. With your phone's selfie camera, REALITY translates your head and facial movements directly onto your avatar, bringing it to life! Official shows starring the world's biggest vtubers! Variety, gaming, music, there's regular original programming for all sorts of topics! At REALITY Studios, we produce shows like Vtuber Koshien and Build Master, a team-based Minecraft building competition! All shows feature multiple vtubers all on stage at once! You can even send gifts and comments during the show! ======================= We recommend REALITY if you are: ・Into vtubers and youtube in general! ・You want to participate in an exciting virtual community! ・Love having fun chatting with others! ・Want someone to root for! ・Interested in VR, AR, and 3D! ・Want to make friends that share your interest in games, movies, music, and more! ・Want to show everyone how awesome you can sing! ・Just love dressing up avatars. ======================= REALITY Twitter Account: REALITY Studio Official YouTube Channel REALITY Official Discord Server ======================= Note: In order to live stream, your device must meet these requirements. Devices with Android version 7.0 or later installed, and 2GB of RAM (Some devices not supported)

What's New

- We have added a group chat function, which allows more than two people to chat. - The profile icon will now be displayed in the comments section during delivery. - The settings for cluster integration have been moved to the avatar data section of the settings screen.

REALITY APK File Details

APK Package : net.wrightflyer.le.realit
File Size : 276MB
Current Version : 4.15.0
Total Installations : 354
App Updated on : 18 month ago
Minimum Requirement : Android 4.3+

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install REALITY on Android devices ? ∇

The REALITY size is 276MB and the latest version is 4.15.0. Download apk App of REALITY from Google Play Store or directly from REALITY, Inc. official website. We are not hosting any modified/cracked/patched apk which is dangerous for your device.

  1. Fist of all, click on the above Download link (276MB) button down to description section.
  2. Then you will redirect to our Secure Download Page.
  3. Save the net.wrightflyer.le.realit file on your device.
  4. Turn on "Unknown sources" from Android Settings -> Privacy -> Unknown sources
  5. Open the file or net.wrightflyer.le.realit apk from your Download folder.
  6. It will prompt for Installation, Click on Installation and follow instructions.

How do I install REALITY on Windows 11 PC ? ∇

Microsoft Windows 11 is ready for Android Apps and games. Download and Install REALITY on your Windows 11 PC. To use any App or Game on your Windows 11 PC, you have to follow these steps below.

  1. Go to Windows Update Center and check for new OS updates.
  2. Update your Microsoft App Store by clicking on "Library" then "Get updates".
  3. Search in Windows for Turn Windows features on or off and check the "Virtual Machine Platform" option.
  4. Install latest Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 PC and check the requirements, restart system.
  5. Login to your Amazon account on Amazon AppStore and Download REALITY from App Store.
  6. Click on install App and Open it on your PC. App will be opened on Virtual Machine.

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