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Tri Coin is one of the best App in Social Apps. Tri Coin is a good App that CRYPTOVEL has created for the customer to improve their experience. Tri Coin APK is rated 4.0 out of 5 by users in our App Store. You can download the com.tri.coi base apk and config bundles for free.

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Tri Coin App downloaded more than, 816 times. Download Virus and Malware safe, unmodified com.tri.coi APKs only on WapSoft. Visit Social category and find lot more free Apps like Tri Coin for your device. If you have any issues while Installing this App, Find Tri Coin on Google Play Store.


TRI coin is a fully decentralized coin which has full scalability & fast coin. The total supply of TRI coin is 1 BILLION. TRI coin is only mined by smartphones. TRI coin has its own algorithm with the help of AI it worked... in the future, many things come on TRI coin which is revealed after the 1st phase of the coin end. TRI coin initially used the BSC chain but after that, it moved its own blockchain TRI chain TRI COIN MINING: TRI coin is only mined by smartphones. The mining algorithm which used AI decided how much coin is a reward to the miner according to the difficulty level of the starting algorithm give 100TPH mining speed which drops to 50TPH after phase 1st complete & it further drops to 30TPH,20TPH,10TPH as more coined mined in future. The supply of TRI coin is 1 billion, in starting mining 30% allocated to initial miners to mine TRI coin by 100TPH. The mining is worked by using very little power by your CPU & GPU combination & you need to claim that mining reward in an interval period until you can't claim a new coin not possible to mine. This reward you can claim 3-4 times in a day For mining TRI coin, you need to select a node there are few nodes you can select & mine under it, this node establishes the person does not get any TRI coin as a reward, they just run this node so other people mine the coin easily. In starting all this node have the same power of 100TPH, but after phase 1st complete all node power varies according to members mine in a single node TRI COIN REFER: You can also get tri coin as refer, the only way to mine tri coin is the smartphone app which is on refer base so we believe in the project get more benefit, Algo automatically decides how many coins mined & part of reward shared to referrer. TRI COIN LISTING: TRI coin list on exchange only possible if min 40,000 member actively mined TRI coin for few months. If 100k members mine TRI coin then chances more get an early list with a much better price as compared to 40,000 members. The listing price of exchange varies according to network & circulating coin. TRI COIN FUTURE: There is lots more thing plan for TRI in the future like coin burn, DEFI, Smart Contact & more which reveal's in future. TRI COIN TEAM: A single TRI coin is not held by the TRI team, TRI team believe in decentralization & want to make the TRI coin fully decentralized so if the team also need TRI coin then they also need to mine the coin by someone refer that's the only way TEAM get a token TOKEN WITHDRAWAL: Token withdrawal is not possible now, because it pre-mining process so the token is locked for few months but TEAM plan to start the withdrawal of the token within 6 months. Withdrawal button also come after few months then you are able to withdrawal TRI coin direct to your trust wallet or MetaMask & no KYC needed for withdrawal KYC: TRI coin is a decentralized project which aims to give power to user & community so there is no KYC. TRI coin doesn't have any website right now it has only an app that is available on PlayStore or in the description of the CRYPTOVEL YouTube channel or telegram channel. If any website comes in future, TRI team update you throw YouTube video ( or CRYPTOVEL telegram post ( else all announcement is not genuine

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Tri Coin APK File Details

APK Package : com.tri.coi
File Size : 9.5MB
Current Version : 1.0.1
Total Installations : 816
App Updated on : 18 month ago
Minimum Requirement : Android 4.3+

Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Tri Coin on Android devices ? ∇

The Tri Coin size is 9.5MB and the latest version is 1.0.1. Download apk App of Tri Coin from Google Play Store or directly from CRYPTOVEL official website. We are not hosting any modified/cracked/patched apk which is dangerous for your device.

  1. Fist of all, click on the above Download link (9.5MB) button down to description section.
  2. Then you will redirect to our Secure Download Page.
  3. Save the com.tri.coi file on your device.
  4. Turn on "Unknown sources" from Android Settings -> Privacy -> Unknown sources
  5. Open the file or com.tri.coi apk from your Download folder.
  6. It will prompt for Installation, Click on Installation and follow instructions.

How do I install Tri Coin on Windows 11 PC ? ∇

Microsoft Windows 11 is ready for Android Apps and games. Download and Install Tri Coin on your Windows 11 PC. To use any App or Game on your Windows 11 PC, you have to follow these steps below.

  1. Go to Windows Update Center and check for new OS updates.
  2. Update your Microsoft App Store by clicking on "Library" then "Get updates".
  3. Search in Windows for Turn Windows features on or off and check the "Virtual Machine Platform" option.
  4. Install latest Amazon Appstore for Windows 11 PC and check the requirements, restart system.
  5. Login to your Amazon account on Amazon AppStore and Download Tri Coin from App Store.
  6. Click on install App and Open it on your PC. App will be opened on Virtual Machine.

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