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WifiNanScan App APK (com.google.android.apps.location.rtt.wifinansca) is created by Developed with Google for Android devices. WifiNanScan App 210217-V1.1 is great App that always tops in the Tools category. Developed with Google has developed WifiNanScan App for the customer to improve and enjoy their experience in Tools. Unexpectedly, WifiNanScan App App is rated 4.0 out of 5 by editors in the Android app store. Download the com.google.android.apps.location.rtt.wifinansca bundle apks/xapk and base packages free of charge without downloading extra apps.

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The WifiNanScan app measures the distance between two smartphones using the Wi-Fi Aware protocol (also called Neighborhood Aware Networking(NAN)). It’s designed as a research, demonstration, and testing tool for developers, vendors, universities, and more. With this app it is possible to obtain a distance measurement with a precision of about 1 meter with phones up to 15 meters apart. Developers, OEMs and researchers can use this tool to validate distance/range measurements enabling the development of peer-to-peer ranging and data transfer, find my phone and context-aware applications based on the WiFi Aware/NAN API. (See also WifiRttScan.)

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Package : com.google.android.apps.location.rtt.wifinansca
File Size : 6.4MB
Current Version : 210217-V1.1
Total Downloads : 1540
App Updated on : 24 months ago
Minimum Requirement : Android 4.3+

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